In the beginning, there was weed!

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It was so dangerous, it had to be banned and the constant stream of propaganda, BS and lies was necessary to protect us stupid people!

As it turns out, Cannabis found me and my mast cells and I began using it regularly for medicinal benefits. At one time I thought I was strictly a recreational user; officially known as a “pot head!”

But now I would say I am not really a recreational user. I don’t use marijuana because I want to get high. I think it has been a very long time since I did, although I am certain that there was a time I did also use it in a recreational fashion and on rare occasion still do I suppose.

As a significant immune system and mast cell stabilizer, I now know that this is why medicinal cannabis found me and became a part of my life long ago. I have used it most of my adult life to help control and deal with inflammation and pain as a result of Mast Cell Activation Disease (MCAD) I now know has also been a part of my life; likely most, if not all of my life.

And despite the propaganda and portrayal of marijuana as a carrier of stupidity, fried eggs and brain; I am still known as “The Professor” by my peers and no one has ever called be stupid or even insinuated  that I am, although that is not to say I haven’t made some stupid choices along the way. I have solved problems for many years that no one else could solve. I have developed and deployed complex Information Technology solutions for over 20 years, despite medicinal cannabis use.

I started using computers before PC’s and DOS, before Macs, Microsoft and Apple. I am self taught. I know Linux of many flavours and versions, Windows since the beginning, Macs long before OS 10, Unix of many flavours and many other systems throughout.  Virtualization, networking, disaster recovery, “the cloud” before some idiot labeled it “the cloud.” All despite a long history of using the evil weed!

I have never bought the propaganda. And in fact I now know exactly how much it helps me and many others I know. Epilepsy, Crohn’s, severe pain, cancer…

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