Flaws in Reason

So many things we know and believe to be true are flawed and the logic used can boggle the mind at times. At least for mine and I tend to be pretty good at looking at other points of view objectively. I love the uniqueness in our species and in individuals of all species. I learn from the uniqueness that exists and stands out from the similarities.

It is the differences that teach me new things and open my mind to new thoughts. Being an intense thinker by nature, this is something I enjoy, whether I am right or wrong, whether what I hear, read or see is right or wrong. It is the thinking and the possibilities that lead to better answers.

There are some things I believe in, like kindness, respect, tolerance, forgiveness

We are human beings, all unique and special in our own ways. I personally look at every single individual as special and worth every bit as much as every other individual. Everyone is good at some things and not good at others. Everyone makes mistakes, but whether they are accidental and unintended or malicious can make a big difference to me.

Ulterior motives and manipulation, the use of bullying and fear, propaganda that I hear over and over. Well, some of my best thoughts surround some of the BS we hear. I can’t tell you how often someone insists pit bulls are bad by breed. Most cannot even define a Pit Bull, let alone have any background to make an informed decision. I can! I live with them. I am educated in behaviour. I have studied behaviour all my life, including that of liars, bullies and pushers.

As I have said here already, there are things I know I am guessing on or have a hypothesis, maybe an opinion on. There are things I know I am right on. My work requires that I know the difference. My life requires that I know the difference. I need to improve what I am doing. I need to grow and be better. I am always learning and trying to be better.

I never mind being wrong either. Why would I? It only means that I have learned something and changed myself and become better. I am very okay with that.  Learning is a good thing. That is how I see it.  I see it that way with my dogs too. No one will ever be able to change my view of Pit Bulls. every single one I know and love turns out great. They improve and get better at something. The love to learn and are easy to motivate because they prefer to love people.

Flaws in reason continues with mankind’s brilliance in out smarting Mother Nature.  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Our arrogance in knowing what is best for us and protecting it is astounding, Money and greed poison the Earth and sell out our food supply and we just sit back and let them. I am not sure why we seem to believe our Governments are protecting us wit safety labels and certifications. We as a culture really don’t have the expertise to even begin to be critical and understand what is really happening.

Repeating behaviour I see well. I see the same behaviour with antibiotics as I do with herbicide resistant plants. Super bugs, now super weeds. We don’t seem to learn. Kept in fear and mostly ignorant, we do what we are told is good. And don’t misunderstand my point either, as I am not anti vaccine, or anti antibiotic.  These things do have value, however, but like everything else we abuse them. Eventually it comes down to ignorance, fear and money.

The flu vaccine we used this year was 10% effective in Australia in their last flu season. The exact same vaccine. I am not sure if it makes sense for anyone, even the severely vulnerable, to take a vaccine that is 10% effective. And how many people do you think were told this before it was pushed on everyone?

I am not afraid to discuss these topics. The flaws in reason. The behaviour that always leads us right into the lap of what we are afraid of.