The History of Lies: Marijuana is Dangerous!

One of the most consistent facts regarding marijuana over the last 40 years that I have been witness to its use, has been the constant lies spread by governments in their attempts to suppress it’s use! Facts have never been relevant. Science has never been relevant. The use of fear propaganda and lies has been constant and despite mounting evidence to the contrary, Canadian and American governments maintain their facade despite the fact that it is crumbling to the ground around them.

It is staggering the amount of unnecessary suffering that has been forced upon people as a result. Real medical treatment alternatives that work and are extremely low in undesired side effects and serious risks, unlike the drugs advertised constantly on television, are withheld from those that need them. Medical research has been set back decades because of their lies and legislation! What people are forced to do because of these lies is a shameful statement on these governments and politicians, who lack any real knowledge or expertise, yet decide who should suffer as a result!

One thing is for certain, you cannot trust a liar! This is true of all people whether they are friends, reporters, advocates, lobbyists, scientists or politicians! For 40 years I have listened to lies spewed from various sources. I won’t say there is no danger, nor no harm that can come from cannabis use, medicinal or recreational, but the dangers are far less significant than alcohol or tobacco, both of which have killed millions and caused countless suffering, yet remain not only legal, but are legally pushed by advertising, pushed in common television programming, and in most movies, watched by 100’s of millions regularly!

Pushing alcohol, like it has no negative effects, is constantly portrayed as normal behaviour, in television programs watched by millions of children, teenagers and adults young and old. And it is not only acceptable, but portrayed as a good thing, without a downside. This has been constant for as long as I have been watching television and movies, for both alcohol and tobacco. Cannabis, on the other hand, is portrayed as a stupidity drug, and as a danger to all who might even try it! Well, I am not stupid! If I am, then I have been fooling far more stupid people for forty years.  In actual fact, “I” would not classify the people I have met over those forty years as stupid, but if you want to portray me as stupid for smoking pot, then that is a genuine statement against all those who have failed to notice!

My experience has clearly shown me the opposite. Alcohol and tobacco have, despite the positive portrayal in entertainment, always come with a significant downside. Drunken behavior, drunk driving, destruction of families are acceptable!

Funny, but none of the negatives I have ever seen surrounding marijuana use have ever been as significant as those I have observed with alcohol or any other drug I have ever seen used! The fact that governments and politicians portray it as a dangerous and evil substance capable of destroying people and society, yet accept alcohol and tobacco and their consequences of usage as minor and acceptable, is such an obvious lie, it is impossible to ignore.

It is impossible to trust someone who can make such statements with a straight face! Hypocrite is a word that comes to mind. Liar is a fact!

I know the dangers of marijuana use! The problems caused and the severity of problems is insignificant when compared to alcohol, tobacco and many other legal and prescribed drugs. The benefits to individuals suffering from epilepsy, cancer, autoimmune diseases such as MS and Crohn’s Disease, PTSD, depression and many more debilitating health issues is immense, yet denied by lies.

A sad state!

Stay tuned for my next post on comparing marijuana pushers with big pharma advertising! Who are the real pushers and what is the real danger?


One thought on “The History of Lies: Marijuana is Dangerous!”

  1. Recent scientific evidence in the Journal Scientific Reports Comparative risk assessment of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other illicit drugs using the margin of exposure approach, by Dirk W. Lachenmeier and Jürgen Rehm supports my personal observations and experience. I have not had time yet to read the study in detail, which I hope to detail in a subsequent post.

    Please read the summary of this study by Sean O’Kane in The Verge Marijuana is much safer than alcohol or tobacco, according to a new study Video: Ezra Klein on the dangers of marijuana compared to alcohol (Note: Unfortunately, the video above does not play on all mobile devices.)

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