Rowing: Keeping My Back, Shoulders and Hips Working For Me!

Like for everything else I do, it seems that my obsessive need to learn is showing itself when it comes to the work I do in the gym. Spent my evening tonight learning more about rowing in particular. Dumbbell and barbell rows, cable rows too.

I started with Tony Gentilcore’s post: “5 Dumbbell Row Mistakes and What to do Instead.” And that led to “The Best Way to Row, Period!

But of course this also means other back and core exercises are required for creating a strong core and back that is necessary for the heavy lifting I like to do (“Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?” and  “Exercises to Save Yourself From Low Back Pain“). And both my shoulders and hips are critical and I work on them regularly. Flexibility and strength  in my hip hinge (“Master the Kettlebell Swing“) is particularly important for the lower back exercises, like dead lifts and squats.

So far my hips feel great and are strong and have good flexibility. And my lower back is strong. I plan to keep them this way and paying attention to technique and my form is important toward that goal.

As I continue to add weight and push myself harder; it is critical that I utilize proper form as injury can be just one sudden mistake away. I always practice my form as I warm up so I know I am ready when I add the real weight I want to push or pull.

One thing I like about strength training though is the total focus on the task at hand. Another is the detail and precision required. Both are traits I excel at.

I am not doing exercises simply to look good while doing them or to be throwing the heaviest weight around; but to make the most of the work I do and become stronger. So far so good, but my work is far from done!

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